Vanilla Clips

Easily enjoy & share moments.

We conveniently cut     the best moments into Clips.

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What are Clips?

Whether it’s the vows, recessional or first dance — your Vanilla Video is full of awesome moments. Rather than searching through hours of video, we find and cut all the best clips for you.

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Why get Clips from your Vanilla Video?

They're the perfect form of editing. Clips are short, sweet and to-the-point. Clips are the best way to share your event and moments with others. Upload clips to Facebook, YouTube or Twitter. Or keep your favorite moments in your pocket — on your phone or tablet.

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How does ordering Clips work?

Clips are delivered online along with your Vanilla Video. Clips are sold as a Add-on. Pricing is based on total Coverage Time.

Wondering if Clips are right for your event?

Just ask our team of experts.

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Our support team is available from 8AM - 11PM, 7 days a week to answer your questions. Our team can help determine if Clips make sense for your video production, and provide additional samples if necessary.

Vanilla Clips may seem simple, but the whole concept took years of research and development. We finally figured it out, and we understand that you just want the best moments on video. Clips are perfect for just about any event.

If you need a videographer, a point-and-shoot camera person, or someone to just show up and film it – Vanilla Video + Clips are the way to go. Contact us to get started.

Common questions about Vanilla Clips.

You always get everything we film. Clips are separate videos.

  • How long are Clips?

    Clips are moments cut directly from your Vanilla Video. Length of the Clips, depends on the length of the moment. Most Clips are between 30 seconds — 6 minutes in length. However, they can be longer depending on the moment.

  • Are Clips Edited?

    Clips are technically edited. Clips are one continuous shot of a great moment. Rarely is there a cut, unless necessary. With a simple fade-in / fade-out, clips are simple, elegant, and a great way to share and showcase your moments on video.

  • How much are Clips?

    Clips are an Add-on package, and may be purchased both before or anytime after your event. Pricing is based on Coverage:

    • < 90m: $39 — 2-6 Clips
    • < 3hr: $89 — 4-8 Clips
    • < 6hr: $129 — 6-12 Clips
    • < 15hr: $159 — 8-20 Clips
    • Over 15 hours — Ask
  • Can I specify the Clips I want from my Vanilla Video?

    Yes — absolutely. When you order Vanilla Video, you can add notes to your order. We always respect the directions you give us.

  • How do you decide what the best moments are?

    We work with video from a wide variety of events and productions. Our editing team understands composition, storytelling, and timing — and our team generally has a lot of experience in finding the best moments from your Vanilla Video.

  • What if I don’t want any Vanilla Clips?

    Clips are optional. You may add Clips to your order when you customize your video package. You can also ask us to cut Clips at anytime in the future, subject to our current editing prices.

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