Video Montage

Add a touch of flair. Montage.

Fun. Energetic. Beautiful. With just the right amount of dazzle.

† Montage shown with Cinematic Camera Upgrade.

What is Montage?

Montage is an elegant, cinematic cut. Experience the day from an artistic angle, with all the best moments cut into one perfect video.

† Montage shown with Cinematic Camera Upgrade.

Why Montage?

Fast. Rhythmic. And edited to perfection. Montage is the perfect way to add excitement to any event or activity. If you need a simple way to recap and share an event, Montage is the way to go.

† Montage shown with Traditional Camera.

Works for any event.

Add Montage to any Vanilla Video package, or order Montage separately after the event is over. We find just the right tone with our vast library of music. It’s the easiest way to create exhilarating video.

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Our team is happy to assist in determining whether Montage is the right choice for your event or activity. We can help you understand the difference between Cinematic and Traditional cameras, and provide additional samples related to your event.

Montage by Vanilla Video is the most affordable cinematic video available, and we make it exceptionally easy to produce.

If you're looking for wedding cinematography, or a talented cinematographer for your production, contact our team. One of our on-staff cinematographers will speak with you directly.

Common Cinematography / Montage Questions.

Our goal is to help you make the most informed decision.

  • How much does Montage by Vanilla Video cost?

    Montage is an add-on starting at $289 - 399, that can be added to any order. Pricing goes up depending on what you are looking to do. We will need to estimate the complexity of editing required over a quick phone call.

  • Why does Cinematography and Montage cost more?

    Our videographers go through special training programs to master additional equipment. This cinematic equipment is significantly more expensive and more delicate than traditional equipment.

  • Do you use different equipment for Montage?

    We can use a Cinematic Camera upon request for an additional $129 per camera. This creates the out-of-focus background effect, also known as Depth of Field, you see in some of the examples. Please let us know if you would like to upgrade to cinematic cameras for your Montage.

  • What about backup cameras and cinematographers?

    We have a backup team. Cinematography can be more tricky due to delicate cameras and high-end lenses. We have a backup logistics team supporting our video personnel in the field who are able to rush stand-by equipment if any problems arise.

  • How long are Montages?

    We typically deliver Montage in 60, 90, or 120-second lengths. We've found that for promotional videos, 90-seconds is ideal, and for full-day events, 2-3 minutes is best.

  • How long will editing take?

    We have a dedicated staff of editors, so we are able to produce Montage videos in under a week. Typically we deliver Montage within 48-72 hours after filming, but more complex projects may take longer.

  • How do you choose music?

    We use a combination of royalty-free music and music created exclusively for Vanilla Video by music composers we have specifically partnered with.

  • Can you add copyrighted songs if we purchase it?

    No. We do not license copyrighted music at this time, as the process for doing so is typically expensive and very inconvenient.

  • Can I order Montage later, after filming the event?

    Absolutely. If your event was over 2 hours in length, we can create a Montage for you. We save an Editor's Copy of every order, so it's easy for us to revisit past events.

  • Can you edit...?

    We can accommodate almost any editing request. We have editing rates of $359 per day. If you require more advanced editing, e.g., animation, compositing, we can provide a specific quote.

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