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We help musicians in Chicago create music videos.

Easy to understand video production for musicians.

We have a variety of options for producing great music videos.

  • Live Performance

    Looking to video your next set? Let Vanilla Video record your performance in High-Definition, with great sound, and get a digital video file just 24 hours later.

  • Production Video

    Want to produce a music video? We have a talented team ready to help your vision come to life. We provide a range of service levels, for just about any budget.

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  • Wondering where to start?

    Check out some more examples below and keep reading for ideas. Filming your next performance, whether it's at a bar, festival, or restaurant — is a great first step towards getting videos to fans.

    Learn how to get started →

  • Multiple Videographers

    Make it more dynamic.

    To add an extra wow factor to your performance, we recommend two videographers. We'll cut between the best shots for an impressive video.

  • Professional Sound

    We have great equipment.

    We can overlay your studio recorded track if possible. Alternatively, we can plug into a mixer for better live sound.

  • Creative & Ideation

    Want to go really big?

    We have dedicated videographers available to help you plan the perfect music video. Work with one expert from planning and pre-production through the shooting, editing and revisions.

    Dedicated Pricing 3.9k - 19.9k

* Some Clips are multiple videographers.

Don't have any video?

As a musician, you should be sharing a consistent stream of new, high-quality videos with fans. You don't need to do a lot, but consistently providing new content to your fan base will help you grow and be heard in larger and larger circles.

The gist of it is — people will see you play, and afterwards they'll search for your music online. Obviously social networks, having a website, and audio samples will help. But if you give your fans the option, you can be sure they'll click on a video first — before doing anything else.

You can't share what isn't there. Fans see you in-person, and video is the only way to share that live experience with a friend. Getting new people out to shows, or talking about your music with others, requires you to give fans the resources to both discover and share your music.

How often should I video?

If you are a serious musician, we recommend videoing 1 out of every 10 of your performances. The 1:10 rule is generally a good rule for every musician that wants to stay relevant.

Make a budget for it. At the very least, we recommend a new set of videos every 6 to 12 months. Budgeting for $500 per year is enough to film an entire set, and get half a dozen or more Clips of your best songs. Then just release each song a few weeks apart to stay relevant. It really is that easy. And it's easy to do that twice a year with just a little larger budget.

What's the best value?

The best value will almost always be filming a live performance with 2-3 videographers. It's best to choose a longer set, and ensure you'll have an audio out connection from the mixer.

Why's that? Multiple videographers at a live performance provides a highly dynamic range of shots, and will essentially give you half a dozen or more great music videos. Our team will coordinate with you, arriving 30 minutes early to setup, and communicate between songs to ensure a dynamic range of footage for each song.

It's affordable and easy. Any sort of planned production will require significant time both in Pre and Post production. With a live performance, we need very little directive or pre-planning.

Even better...

Vanilla Video offers half-hour videography starting at just $99, which includes 30-minutes of setup time. This means, you can very easily and affordably make some pretty cool videos.

Film the same song(s) at 3+ locations. Call us out 3 times for 3 different locations. Using footage from all 3, we can cut together a more dynamic version of the song — switching between completely different locations. Very cool.

Get B-Roll. You don't have to be performing to film. Even hanging out with your band mates looks good for cut-ins.

Get Creative. Just be sure to film it. Learn how Vanilla Video works and leverage our unique videography service to your advantage. Getting video is always the first step, editing can always happen afterwards.

You will always get...

  • All the raw footage.

    A Vanilla Video is everything we film. You will be able to download your Vanilla Video about 24-hours after filming.

So you can do anything.

Feel free to take the Vanilla Video of your live performance and edit your own music videos, Clips, or whatever you want. Just keep in mind we have professional editors to make it easier.

Our editing team is here to help.

  • Clips of each song.

    Have our editors go through and separate each song from your Vanilla Video into an individual video Clip. Just add Clips to your order for some quick music videos.

  • Your studio track.

    Want to use your professionally recorded or mastered audio track in the video? We can drop it in for you if you own the copyright.

  • Creative for promos.

    Want a promotional video for your band or upcoming album release? We can film and cut a montage with cinematic b-roll shots.

  • Multi-camera Clips.

    Syncing and cutting multiple camera angles can be tricky. We make it a breeze, and can have a great cut within 24 — 48 hours.

  • Add graphics / Titles.

    Does your band have a logo? Want to add basic song / album information? Our basic editing add-on covers most simple edits.

Need advanced editing?

Not a problem — we can do it. Just let us know what you're looking for prior to ordering. We have editors with experience in advanced motion graphics and animation.

Ready to get video of your band?

Vanilla Video does more than music. Check out other areas of our website.

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