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The best sports videography in Chicago.

Let's video your sports game.

We can do it. Football, basketball, soccer, baseball, hockey, lacrosse, and more. Even slow-motion.

Whether it's video for recruitment or keepsake, our in-house team of videographers make it easy. Our team has the right equipment and training to capture even the most action-intensive sports. Vanilla Video films anything from youth games to high-profile events — all in High-Definition 60p.

Here's what you need to know:
  1. We're fast. Download or stream the game 24 hours later, right through our website.
  2. We have high standards. All videography is performed by our employees. We never outsource work to a freelancer.
  3. We use professional equipment. We film sports at 60 frames-per-second, in High Definition, for exceptional quality.
* Some Clips shown with slow motion at end.

Vanilla Video + Features that matter.

One game — or the entire season. We can handle it.

Getting started is easy.

We've made it easy to film any sport event — even an entire season of games. Our team of videographers have experience with all sports, across a wide variety of environments.

See pricing:   Prices   or   Build your Package

  1. Order in minutes. We just need a location and start-time. Any notes you add will go directly into the order.
  2. We'll arrive 30 minutes early. This allows us to find the best vantage point for our camera, talk with you about any notes, and get setup / ready to film.
  3. Enjoy it a few days later. You'll be able to stream or download the game from our website next-day.

Perfect for recruitment videos.

You always get the Vanilla Video, allowing you to easily build a full collection of player profile footage for college recruiters.

  • Get Clips. Universities don't need anything fancy. Simple Clips of awesome plays will do just fine.
  • Compilation Video. Alternatively, we can put together a single, short compilation video of various plays.

For coaches and players.

Video is an amazing tool — especially for players looking to improve technique, or for coaches looking to more effectively communicate instructions. Video review, with or without slow motion, can sometimes make all the difference.

For coaches looking to analyze team performance, a camera with a higher vantage point can be tremendously helpful. We use a powerful 10x zoom capable camera, along with fluid tripods for following the action.

You can give us direction, so we achieve the result you're looking for. For coaches looking to film combines, we can change angles, be mobile, and work with you to study individual player strengths and weaknesses.

Filming multiple games?

We frequently film complete seasons and multiple games for athlete profile footage, coaches, and parents. Just ask us to simplify billing by taking a one payment for multiple games.

  • Vanilla Video in 24-hours.

    A Vanilla Video is a High-Definition, digital copy of all the footage. You'll receive your sports game next-day as a Vanilla Video.

    See Vanilla Video details →

  • High-Definition, 60p

    Sports are fast-paced, which means the camera needs to be fast too. For sports videography, we use cameras that record 2.5x more frames-per-second to help eliminate motion blur during action.

    See Technical Specifications →

  • Need highlight Clips?

    Want to share a Clip of an awesome play? We've created Clips just for that reason. You can purchase Clips at anytime, before or after filming.

    Learn about Vanilla Clips →

  • Slow motion Clips.

    Optional. But just so you know.

    When choosing Clips, let us know if you'd like a slowmo replay at the end.

  • Affordable pricing. $99+

    We've included travel up to 40 miles from our Chicago, IL location. We service Chicago, Milwaukee, Northwest Indiana, and all cities / suburbs in-between

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  • Highly recommended.

    Thousands of people share Vanilla Video every month. Our team provides the easiest, most comprehensive "show up and film it" service ever. Read some of our real testimonials.

How do you want to move forward?

You can use Vanilla Video for more than sports too. Explore our site.

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